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Blackmer releases new SGLWD Series pumps

Blackmer, part of PSG, a Dover company and a global leader in positive displacement, regenerative turbine and centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies, is pleased to announce the availability of its new SGLWD Series Sliding Vane Pumps with double mechanical seals, which provide peace-of-mind protection against unforeseen leakage of volatile liquids.
SGLWD Series Sliding Vane Pump© BlackmerSilent, reliable and easy to rebuild - the SGLWD Series pump in a nutshell

Available in two sizes – SGLWD3 and SGLWD4 – Blackmer SGLWD Series pumps have been specially developed to provide zero leakage thanks to an exclusive cartridge type, double radial seal design that is field proven to offer long life and reliable service in a wide range of critical and high vapor pressure applications.

Featuring a unique sliding vane design, SGLWD Series pumps deliver reliable, highly efficient performance over a wide range of temperatures and differential pressures while eliminating many of the problems experienced by gear pumps by providing increased pump life, improved offloading times and line stripping capabilities.

These pumps feature ductile iron construction with an internal relief valve, excellent self-priming and dry run capabilities, replaceable wear resistant, hardened casing liners and end discs that allow for easy rebuilding of the pumping chamber to like-new condition, and a symmetrical bearing support that assures even loading and wear for long pump life. In addition, SGLWD Series pumps have been designed with a cavitation suppression liner for reducing the noise, vibration and wear normally caused by entrained vapors.

SGLWD Series pumps are available with flow capacities from 133 to 270 gpm (503 to 1,022 l/min) at working pressures up to 525 psi (36.2 bar). SGLWD Series pumps can be used with mechanical seal
flush plans 53A, 53B and 53C.

For more information on Blackmer, please go to Blackmer is a product brand within PSG®, a Dover company. For more information on PSG, please go to


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