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BRC Sequent Alba - affordable reliability

The Alba is BRC's latest gaseous state LPG injection system for 3- and 4-cylinder MPI engines. It's a more affordable alternative for the well known and renowned Sequent 24.11 system by the Italian manufacturer.
BRC Sequent Alba conversion kit© BRCThe injector rail is the key to the Alba's affordability

The Alba is an affordable system, the like of which BRC never had before. Obviously, within Fuel Systems Solutions there is the Zavoli brand offering affordable products, but in certain markets perception of the BRC brand is different and customers seeking a BRC product may not be willing to settle for Zavoli. The Alba has been designed for cost-conscious markets, such as Poland.

Thanks to using a simpler, cheaper injector rail and proven BRC components, the system is attractively priced without compromising quality. The rail has been thoroughly tested and, according to the manufacturer, when equipped with appropriately efficient nozzles and paired with the Genius Max reducer, it can be used on engines with up to 160 kW/217 PS of power.

The BRC Sequent Alba system is controlled by an ECU equipped with a 16-bit, 24 MHz processor. The ECU features the Warm Up Injector function to preheat LPG injectors before switchover, i. e. when the engine is still working in petrol mode. Another useful feature is VSR – interjections of small doses of petrol in LPG mode to protect valves and valve seats whenever necessary (to eliminate auxiliary valve saver kits). The Alba also supports start/stop systems, i. e. restarts the engine immediately in LPG mode. The product is readily available.


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