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BM130 - Big Mystery Device

BMD is a very little known company in the autogas business, but has its ideas and premieres, like for instance this BM130 LPG/CNG injector rail. If it works half as well as it looks, it is definitely worth attention. Or at least it would be if anyone heard about BMD...
The BM130 - few have seen it, but we believe it exists© BMDJudging by the looks, it seems sturdy and reliable, but will we ever have the chance to find out?

The BM130 rail has an interesting space-saving feature – pressure and temperature sensors integrated into its body. Apart from that, input gas pressure is constantly monitored in real time. In case of a sudden pressure drop, the ECU receives an immediate signal and acts by either disabling the autogas system altogether or raises fuel output to compensate for the higher demand. On the outside, the rail – made of brass and aluminium – seems sturdy and is quite a looker. If you look for aesthetic impressions in an autogas system component, consider this.

The manufacturer – BMD – remains rather anonymous, however. Not long ago, the company was headquartered in Switzerland, but has since moved to the Netherlands. They exhibit their product range during fairs in Turkey, but do not visit Poland – the second largest autogas market in this part of the globe. Too bad, because BMD is apparently a brand worthy of scrutiny, far beyond an amusing oddity. Will its products – characterised by Swiss precision and Dutch manufacturing – spread globally? Let us hope so.


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