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AEB MP6C - new format

The world doesn't begin or end with direct injection – more than 50% of all new petrol engines today feature multipoint port fuel injection. To convert some of the bigger ones of them to run on LPG, a new AEB ECU has been created.
The AEB MP6C electronic control unit© AEBYou've seen one ECU, you've seen them all - the MP6C's uniqueness is hidden within

MPI-type engines are still popular and will remain so for a long time, especially in used cars, which in many countries constitute vast majority of vehicles converted to run on LPG every year. And even though four-cylinder units are most numerous, it doesn't mean larger ones are particularly out of the ordinary. The MP6C ECU has been created particularly for those middle-of-the-road engines featuring 5 or 6 cylinders.

The new controller supports OBDII on-board diagnostics systems and in fact is an evolutionary rather than revolutionary development of the AEB2568D ECU, highlighting its strong points and improving on whatever was still left to improve. And so there is new hardware, a more efficient CPU and a brand new connector which AEB claims is among the best protected ones on the market today. Add to that precise self-calibration and the aforementioned OBDII compatibility features and there you have it – a product that's bound to rank high among installers' favourites and have numerous "offspring” in the form of ECU's based on it, but marketed under a variety of brands.


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